Do I need another Paddle

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Do I need another paddle,
I am currently using a Fenn 4 which I like ,but everything I read on this site says its too big for a guy of my size ( 65kg ,5’8 ). I do notice my cadence is slow compared to others . Maybe just lack of fitness, as I am only an” intermediate weekend warrior”. I have shortened my paddle to 205 which helped and feels good . I was considering a Fenn 3 , but It’s hard to find paddle specs from some manufactures off the internet. I thought I should look for a paddle with slightly less surface area , that’s when things get confusing.
Can anyone add to the spread sheet ?

Looking at the Length and Width of the Fenn 4 it doesn’t look to be such a big paddle after all ?
The Fenn 1 looks to be huge, yet even I have noticed it is easier to pull through the water?


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9 years 1 month ago #13493 by Nige
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Recommendations regarding paddle size, length, feather and whatever else you can think of should be regarded as general guidelines only, and be aware that they're a starting point only and don't work for everyone.

I've been paddling skis for more than 15 years and have tried countless combinations of paddle size and length, and I'm currently paddling with a medium large paddle (Jantex Gamma medium plus)at 215cm length, which is all wrong according to the "rules." I'm 6'2" and 90 kg.

I've tried going smaller and shorter but it just doesn't work for me : like you, I have a long slow cadence, and a smaller paddle is slower for me.

My suggestion regarding how to select a paddle is to try it out first, if it feels good then play with the length and feather angle, and use a GPS to get an indication of what is working. The only real way of finding the right paddle is to experiment and use a GPS initially, then do a time trial with your club or mates as your benchmark.

Don't ditch the Fenn 4 just because the literature says its "wrong", but by all means try out other paddles, because that is the only way you will find what works for you.
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9 years 1 month ago #13496 by Rightarmbad

Don't be scared to try any paddle, and if you have a feeling that shorter or longer or smaller or larger may be better, you are probably right.

My own search has been interesting and the paddle I currently use I would have found impossible to use 3 years ago.

So your paddle choice may also change as your stroke develops.

I have a choice of six paddles leaning up against the wall, and all of them were right at some stage or another along my journey, but there is no way I could use two of them now.

So know that you are starting a journey and that the paddle you buy next may very well not be your last.

Recommended paddle ownership is N + 1.

Where N is the current amount you own.

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