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Figured out my Side Saddle remount

11 months 3 weeks ago #36643 by MCImes
We Finally had some decent conditions last night after what seems like months of 10kt (worthless) winds. we had solid 18 gusting to ~27 winds last night with consistent 4-5' swell, 1-2' wind wave, and messy conditions. I went for 2 intentional swims and 1 unintentional (a wave passed under me, lost my balance, went to take a stroke brace but only caught air and over i went! a reminder that spearing the water is your friend). The waves were too fast to surf well, but fun none the less.

Anyways, I have always been able to side saddle remount, but often had a little trouble getting my butt to drop into the seat quickly and smoothly. I rarely missed a remount or went over the other side, but often took a few seconds wobbling around to get situated once i was upright. In rougher conditions its critical to get situated quickly so I've been working on speeding up the twist and sit up part of the remount.

I found my problem - I was laying across the boat with my chest over the butt (the lowest/widest point of the bucket) before beginning the twist. I realized last night that I was too far back, so I tried laying across the knee hump before the twist and sit up motion. What a difference beginning the remount 12-18" closer to the front makes! when I lay over the knee hump (about 1/3 of the way from the back of the cockpit), then begin the twist my butt naturally found the bottom of the bucket much easier. I didnt have to shimmy forward or back, and my butt centered itself side to side better too.

If anyone else is having trouble getting a smooth side saddle, try moving forward at the beginning of the sequence. I have missed this nuance to the side saddle, but now see that Oscar is also lays over the middle of the bucket

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11 months 3 weeks ago #36644 by zachhandler
Good tip Marcus. Oh and we should all wear leashes in extreme downwind conditions!

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11 months 3 weeks ago #36646 by waverider
Good tip as that swivel into the seat has always been hit and miss for me, often ending up off center and making it all look amateurish, and taking far too long with much recentering

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