Surfski Drysuit?

4 months 1 week ago #32580 by DrA5
Surfski Drysuit? was created by DrA5
About a month or so ago, Oscar showed a surfski specific drysuit he was testing that appeared to be a morphing of a wet suit and dry suit together. He promised more info shortly after his Instagram post, but I haven't seen anything since. Was there any further information on release? Material make up? Retailers? Cost? Benefits?

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4 months 1 week ago #32587 by mortenlinding
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try to look at this page


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4 months 1 week ago #32588 by MCImes
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I know nothing about the supskin other than what's on their website, but 10k waterproof rating does not appear to be very waterproof compared to other fabrics in the chart here:
Plus neoprene cuffs and collar will transmit water too.

If you take an extended swim, will this suit stay dry?

To me, it sounds like a paddling suit, not a dry suit. Dry suits stay dry. Paddling suits will get wet inside after swimming a while. A bit misleading to call it a dry suit on their site. It sounds like a paddling suit which is not the same level of protection as a drysuit.

That said, for moderately cold water its probably ok. And if it's cut for fitness paddling that may be an advantage too. My Kokatat Goretex suit is quite comfortable, but has a decent amount of extra fabric in the shoulders by design

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4 months 4 days ago #32634 by SpaceSputnik
Replied by SpaceSputnik on topic Surfski Drysuit?
I am wondering, does there have to be a ski-specific drysuit? I mean a properly fitting drysuit should not be tight to allow for layering.
I use a Stohlquist Amp which is a kayaking suit and barely notice it when it's on me. It's completely waterproof (knock on wood that it stays so :D) with latex gaskets. The only irrelevant feature is a tunnel for a kayak spray skirt but it doesn't pose a problem at all.

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4 months 3 days ago #32643 by SurfskiEstonia
Replied by SurfskiEstonia on topic Surfski Drysuit?
I tried to use my kayaking drysuit with a surfski, decided to abandon cold water paddling altogether after about 10 times. The drysuit itself doesn't keep the body warm, it needs layering as MCImes said.

The minimum layers are a baselayer and a thick fleece layer. A proper drysuit has socks, which needs additional warm socks underneath and some neoprene boots over them. This makes the whole combination quite heavy and the feel of the ski is very much reduced, making capsizing more likely and successful remounts less likely.

Maybe on very stable skis it would be manageable, but in my opinion not on fast ones. Even the latex cuffs let water in after some heavy bracing :D, can't imagine neoprene ones coping with that. Then again there are people with much cleaner technique than mine, who don't shovel as much water in their suit :)

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4 months 3 days ago #32645 by zachhandler
Replied by zachhandler on topic Surfski Drysuit?
The cuffs are obviously neoprene rubber, not neoprene foam wetsuit material.

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4 months 2 days ago #32646 by SpaceSputnik
Replied by SpaceSputnik on topic Surfski Drysuit?
I know some kayakers who dislike drysuits and wear wetsuits instead when temperature allows. I am not sure exactly why. My suit feels quite natural even layered heavily. I used to have a larger size Kokatat and that felt a little bulky. Stohlquist Amp uses lighter fabric (the whole thing litterally weighs less when you hold it), and has a more form-fitting cut and is sized better for me. Just saying these things make a fair bit of difference.
But then it does seem highly personal.

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3 weeks 16 hours ago #33288 by TomVW
Replied by TomVW on topic Surfski Drysuit?
Hi all,

I recently purchased a paddleskin drysuit and figured I might as well share my thoughts here.
In a nutshell: very happy so far:
- it feels very light and flexible. I don't notice wearing it.
- fits well without too much extra fabric
- keeps me dry during short immersions
- durability unknown so far.

The full version:
So far, my winter gear for flatwater paddle included a 3 mm wetsuit longjohn, with an long-sleeved thermal underlayer and a Kokatat paddling jacket. It generally worked well but the drysuit always flet a bit restrictive and sweat stayed trapped in the drysuit, which irritated my skin after a while.
I always liked the feel of my Kokatat goretex paddle jacket, very light and warm enough during a an intense paddle, as long as one doesn't capsize. But Kokatat drysuits were a bit rich for my taste.

The paddleskin drysuit seemed a good solution on paper, so I tried it and compared it to the PeakUK explorer and the Palm Fuse drysuits (only in the store, did not paddle in the other drysuits):
- The Peak UK explorer had a lot of extra fabric, and was quite stiff. All the pockets and sprayskirt tunnel were superfluous and added to the bulk of the suit.
- The Palm Fuse was much lighter and the fabric was also less stiff, but the zip across the shoulders was sticking out above my shoulder
- The paddleskin, on the other hand, was by far the lightest of the three, with a feel very similar to my Kokatat paddle jacket. Also, that was the only one where I did not feel hot, just standing in the store.

I am 1.82m and 87 kg, so a bit more wide than tall (to quote my mom: I have the ideal weight for the height I would like to have) and the paddleskin was only available in M and XL sizes. I ended up buying the XL: it was wide enough, but a bit too tall. The L would probably have been ideal, but I can live with the XL: I just added a webbing belt to keep the waist high when walking around. The M was decidedly too small.

To clear up some questions in the posts above:
- the paddleskin has latex wrist gaskets, latex socks and a neoprene neck gasket. The neck gasket is very comfortable for me, even a bit too loose for water tightness, but I added a small housemade neoprene collar to keep things tight and the seal is now watertight.
- there is a small waist tensioner
- the zip is in the back, about at the level of my lowest rib, and fits under my PDF when paddling.
- there is also a small internal waist pocket on the left side.
- the front of the legs and the back (from the zip to mid-thighs) are reinforced with cordura.
- there is a small neoprene "cushion" under the bum, but you don't feel it and it does not affect stability. I guess it is just a patch of neoprene similar to a wetsuit to isolate the bottom from the cold ski.

I used the paddleskin three times already and am very happy about it.
The weather in Belgium for the moment is near the freezing point (freezing at night, a few degrees above 0C during the day), with water around 5-6 C.
I use thin woolen socks, a thin insulating legging and a thicker insulating top under the paddleskin suit, with 3mm booties above it and thin neoprene gloves. That seems to keep me just cool enough to work out well and is still OK for short immersions. I wouldn't want to stay in the water for long, but that is not an issue where I train (canal).
With this set-up, I stay comfortable and can work out at my normal intensity level. My baselayers stay as good as dry, except where the PDF presses the fabric against my skin.In the regard, the breathability seems comparable to my Kokatat goretex paddling jacket.
The drysuit feels very light and flexible. In fact, I could forget I am wearing it. I feel much more free to move than  with the wetsuit long john. Again here, it feels comparable to the Kokatat goretex jacket, but in full suit.
The suits is also quiet, unlike some other drytops I tried.
I was concerned about the position of the zip under my PDF and possible chafing, but it cannot be felt while paddling.

I did not capsize during the last outings, but intentionally immersed myself up to the armpits at the start and the end of my first session to see how cold I would feel with these light baselayers: I can feel the cold water, but it is certainly OK for a few minutes. I can swim to shore or re-enter the surfski faster than that. So no issue.
Also, the suit kept me 100% dry.

In in all, I am very happy with it. The only unknown so far is concerning the durability.

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3 weeks 15 hours ago #33289 by paddlepop
Replied by paddlepop on topic Surfski Drysuit?
thanks for that great detailed post Tom.  you're one keen paddler!  down here in Oz, i get cranky if i've got to put on a 2/3mm wettie for a month or so

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