Deckbag for set of dry clothes

4 weeks 12 hours ago #37438 by Greg Miller
I'm after a bit of advice about carrying a set of dry clothes on my ski.

There are times when I'll be doing a one way trip and having to wait about an hour for my pick up. So I'd like to carry a towel, full change of clothes, and insulated jacket for the get out. My present set up on my V8P is a Watershed Chattooga bag hooked onto the deck mounts with S clips and under the bungees. Seems to work OK but it does shift the centre of balance of the boat a bit.

Anyone got other tips or better ways to carry this gear?

PS: Seems timely to ask after Ivan's post.

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3 weeks 4 days ago #37450 by M.v.E.
For the same purpose I use a Drybag from Ortlieb with a valve. > <
That makes it easy to compress the content of the bag and lower the center of gravity.   

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