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9 months 3 weeks ago #33873 by tve
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Since we're into rudders... ( ) I'm wondering about the rudder limiter in the Epic surfskis. I don't know whether all have it, but some limit the rudder travel to something like 45 degrees. My Nelo 550 doesn't limit the rudder at all and I have the feeling that I regularly over-steer when on top of a wave. Well, half the time the rudder is out of the water (lean back!) and the other half I'm pushing the pedal as hard as I can to turn and I'm sure the rudder is just cavitating back there. Hence I'm wondering whether I should rig something up to limit travel vs. trying to learn how far I can press the pedal before the rudder becomes just a brake. Thoughts?

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9 months 3 weeks ago #33874 by PSwitzer
Replied by PSwitzer on topic Rudder limiter
With practice, you will develop a feel for when your rudder begins to stall/ cavitate and you won't need any sort of artificial limiter, your reflexes become the limiter.

Here's something you can try- relax the angle of the pedals so they are flush with the footplate, or even tilted slightly towards the bow, away from you.  The 550 is such a reactive boat that you don't need much pressure on the pedals to execute big direction changes.

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