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Well , I've finally got the nerve to enrol in one of the Mockes downwind camps ( a belated 50th birthday present to myself). So if anyone sees a New Zealander wandering around Fish Hoek in October with VERY wide eyes , looking like he needs a beer; it will be me , and , yes , I'll be needing a beer!! I have no idea what I'm in for but I'm assured I'll have a great time. Bigger water than I've ever paddled but if spending time with Dawid and Jasper can't improve my confidence , then nothing will. Part of me is bloody nervous , the other part really can't wait!

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Sounds great jazzman - what a great way to celebrate your 50th. Only a short trip across the ditch to Oz and then another slightly longer trip across a slightly bigger ditch to the saffas. After a course like that you'll be able to paddle home :woohoo: ! enjoy the beer/s and good luck...

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Well I did it!!! Best thing for my paddling I can ever imagine doing. Jasper and David are so patient , excellent teachers and just fabulous paddlers. I did one Millers in the back of a double with David , 25 kt southerly, 3 m swell. He was going so damn fast I was virtually a passenger. I wasn't sure whether to be terrified or exhilarated. I chose exhilarated.
I won't review in detail cos that might be boring but a few thoughts
- if you think you might be paddling a blade that's a bit big , you're probably right. The Mockes preach cadence a lot , no point in having a blade that you can't tap over quickly. Fortunately Orka paddles is in Capetown and came to the rescue :-)
- make sure you can remount before you go. I could and it made a HUGE difference
-try to get some experience in big water before you go , lessens the learning curve!
-20 rand for a beer is just ridiculous ( 2 bucks!)
-the locals are all friendly and even the "non-elite" paddlers have superb skills. I met a couple who were happy to have me tag along with them.
If you get the chance to do this camp , I'd urge you to go. I can't imagine anyone not getting massive benefit from it. I enjoyed myself so much that I'm going back next year!!!
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