1st swim with the new v10

2 weeks 1 day ago #37627 by Epicpaddler
Woke up this AM to a perfect fall morning. Glass smooth water, sunshine, and moderate temperature. Headed out on the new v10 to try a longer paddle since I wasn't limited by daylight. First 10 miles were perfect. No stability issues and cruising a long about 6 mph with moderate effort concentrating on my stroke. Somebody must have sent up a bat signal, because every powerboat on the bay suddenly converged on my position. I was surprised I had no trouble navigating the oncoming boat wake from either side. It was the wave I couldn't see that got me. Just as I went to set my blade on the left side I felt the transom shift and twist me around before I could brace. Next thing I know I'm practicing my first remount. 

So far, I love this thing. Totally different experience than my v8pro. The new hull design of the v10g3 is nice, and the higher seating position forces the paddler to sit up correctly. I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable  in the ocean yet, but for the bays and rivers near me it is great. Can't wait to race next spring if racing ever resumes.

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2 weeks 1 day ago #37629 by MCImes
Replied by MCImes on topic 1st swim with the new v10
Congrats on the new ski! You'll adapt quickly, and I found the SF-S to be more stable feeling than the XT  I came from because the bucket fit so much better and my butt did not slide around when it was leaned hard. Im not sure how the V8pro bucket was for you, but if the V10 fits you better you'll probably notice it feels more stable than it 'should be' in rough water than a higher beam boat with an ill fitting bucket. 

Get good at remounting too. Not being afraid of capsizing in the worst of it does a lot to increase confidence in big or limit-pushing conditions. practice at the end of your paddle because you're more likely to capsize when tired so you may as well simulate the physical condition you'll be in when you're most likely to swim.

the Pro to V10 is a noticable step in stability, but with a little determination I bet you'll adapt quicky. Personally 45cm boats are my favorite blend of speed and stability. I could go down to a 43cm but days like today are why I keep the 45 (sloppy haystacks with swell and wind wave varying between 2 and 9' coming from 170* range plus reflected swell). No Swims in the SF-S. probably another story in an Elite.

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