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3 months 1 day ago #37952 by Epicpaddler
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Attention cold water paddlers:

What wetsuit boots do you wear for winter surfski paddling? I've been getting by the last three winters with a 25 year old pair of wetsuit booties I used to wear scuba diving. I'm looking to upgrade to newer and warmer boots (maybe 7mm?). I have size 12 feet and stuffing my feet into the small foot box of an Epic v10 with boots is challenging. I need something warm enough for 30-40 Degree F water temps.


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3 months 15 hours ago #37958 by feeny
Replied by feeny on topic Wetsuit boots
I use the mares classic 5mm dive booties. Waters here don't drop below 50 and these booties are plenty warm at that temperature. If it's really super cold, I sometimes use a thermal fin sock inside them.

My first pair lasted 24 years before a side zipper went (yep, I used them scuba diving too), so onto my second pair now. I have the same problem with the foot box, stuffing them in is the right metaphor - basically all but open the footstrap and slide the plate back a notch or too for bootie-mode.

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