Epic GT boats.

5 years 3 months ago #28159 by Rob0870
Epic GT boats. was created by Rob0870
What's happened to the Epic GT lay up skis. They were released a year or so ago however seemed to have disappeared and no one seems to paddle them. Thanks

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5 years 2 months ago #28165 by peterscott
Replied by peterscott on topic Epic GT boats.
I have a GT V 10 around a year old and it's a great light craft , but be aware in anything over 15 knots it's difficult to hold carry it to a vehicle . I suspect cost is why they are scarce .


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5 years 2 months ago #28203 by photofr
Replied by photofr on topic Epic GT boats.
GT skis are still in production. Seemingly, they had some issues back in 2016, but they are back in full production. Seems like Epic changed its color to all white with an orange tip... so don't expect to see them black for a while.

My take on GT skis:
They are fantasticly light, and light surfskis are clearly under rated - they are nearly miraculous for ultra quick accelerations in open ocean. As stated above, careful when carrying them. I was lifted off the ground while carrying mine - granted, I am a lightweight.

Bottom line, if you can afford them (nearly $5200) and if you will take care of your ski, get the lightest one in your favorite brand. Do keep in mind that GT skis are extremely stiff - borderline too stiff for older people. Think of it like this:
An ultra light rigid tail mountain bike will be a joy when going uphill, but will break old people's backs - that's your GT.
A very light full suspension mountain bike will still be quite light, yet offer a tad more comfort - that's a non-pre-preg carbon ski.

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