Flipping over the Epic Steering Rudder Yoke?

4 years 2 weeks ago - 4 years 2 weeks ago #30401 by DrA5
I was looking to flip the rudder yoke over so you had more access to the 4 mm bolt with an Allen wrench. The design though has a rounded over rivet on the frontside. If I flip this over, will the other side without the rivet head eventually cut into the rudder line and possibly severe it (usually at the worst time)??

Second question, I untied the line. Does anyone know what kind of knot they used when tying it so I can replicate it? I am not the best knot tie-er. Or, what kind of (named) knot would you recommend?

(Side note- I know the yoke is bent. That is why I untied, replaced and considering flipping it over now)


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4 years 2 weeks ago #30408 by Fuyang Guy
I find that by turning the rudder you have all the space you need to access one of the bolts, and then turn the other way for the other one.
Any number of knots will work, even a simple overhand.
As will a figure8, a bowline.
try starting a simple overhand, but instead of pulling the tag end through, pull a short loop of the tag end through.
All you need is a knot that is not too big, and will not slide when under load.

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