First Miller's Run

4 days 18 hours ago - 4 days 18 hours ago #33081 by Cryder
First Miller's Run was created by Cryder
First miller's run. Had fun. Didn't die. Yet. 

"When I first discovered the magical water craft called a surfski, I was enamored and soon encountered early GoPro footage online of a legendary downwind run in South Africa called the “Miller’s Run”. It featured massive wind, rugged terrain and big big water for such skinny, feather light craft. The only problem was that even in an Epic V10 Sport I could only make it roughly 10 feet without falling in... in flat water. I am not sure that I am really cut out for paddling in the classic sense. I wasn’t brought up in a k1, whitewater, surf life saving and I don’t have particularly good balance. Truth be told maybe I like beer a little bit too much as well... but I am drawn to challenges and I don’t mind risking failure, humiliating swims or great white sharks. How fitting to make it to Africa on a whim a few years after discovering this fantastic sport and get to paddle my first Miller’s Run on a borrowed V10 Sport on a fairly burly day (for me anyway) with my very good friend @dawidmocke. I hope you have challenges and dreams that inspire you, and I hope you stick with them despite all the setbacks that life seems to bring us to make personal achievement that much sweeter..."

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4 days 4 hours ago #33082 by Epicpaddler
Replied by Epicpaddler on topic First Miller's Run
That sounds awesome!I Wish we had something like that on the east coast of the United States. Probably the closest we have is the Gorge downwind race on the West Coast. I'd love to test my skills on a Miller's Run someday. Thanks for the video.

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11 hours 33 minutes ago #33088 by Cryder
Replied by Cryder on topic First Miller's Run
I hear that the Great Lakes can get big in the winter, but no personal knowledge of a run that gets close to the scale / classic purity of the Miller's Run. I paddle the Gorge quite a bit, and while it's certainly an awesome run it's apples to oranges with the ocean swell and offshore exposure, current etc. The closest I could compare would be to imagine swell city / hatch on a big day for 8 or so miles. There is the Ghostryder Downwind Race in Santa Cruz which is a little bit closer, but the scale of landscape, the iconic roman rock lighthouse and the runs right to the beach make this pretty hard to compare. Maybe a Maliko Run in Hawaii would be a fairer comparison (that's next on the bucket list). 

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