Rob Mousley

The ICF Official Equipment Licensing Programme – an end to copying?

Thursday, 18 June 2009 04:26 |

On a recent trip to Europe I was amazed to see no fewer than three copied surfskis offered for sale.  There were copies (with minor deck modifications) of the Epic V10, the Fenn Mako6 and the Fenn XT.  When I asked about the skis, I was told that it was "almost normal in Europe" and that the manufacturers concerned regularly copied K1s and had simply extended their operations to include skis. 


Surfski Websites Proliferate **UPDATED **

Sunday, 14 June 2009 14:06 |

A clear sign that the popularity of our sport is exploding is evidenced by the number of websites springing up around the world.  Here are a couple of the most recent...


Nathan Baggaley Sentenced to 9 years

Saturday, 30 May 2009 05:32 |

After pleading guilty to charges of manufacturing and supplying 1,509 ecstasy tablets, former kayaking and surfski star Nathan Baggaley has been handed a nine year jail sentence.  With time already served, he'll be eligible for parole in November 2012.


Great White Shark Encounter in Sydney (Updated)

Sunday, 28 December 2008 11:15 |

29 year old Steve Kulcsar was knocked off his fishing kayak by a 5m Great White Shark near Long Reef, Sydney, Australia.  The shark circled him for a minute while he trod water and tried to get back on his craft. 


Swedish Surfski Announced – Nordic Kayaks Fusion

Sunday, 05 April 2009 12:38 |

Nordic Kayaks, based in Vaxholm, Sweden has announced the imminent arrival of a new surfski, the "Fusion" - designed by Björn Thomasson and to be built by Marström Composite.


Wood Ski – Stephen Kelly's been at it again…

Wednesday, 25 March 2009 11:08 |


A year ago Steven Kelly sent us some pics of a ski that he built himself out of wood.  Well, he's been at it again. Check out the pics of his latest work of art...


Paddle around Australia

Sunday, 01 February 2009 05:28 |

Ok, it's not surfski, but it is paddling and this story has definitely grabbed my imagination...  Freya Hoffmeister has started a 15,000km paddle - around Australia.  She hopes to be the first woman - and only the second person ever to do the trip.


That Sinking Feeling...

Sunday, 01 February 2009 03:00 |

Erik Wallgren wanted some photos to illustrate the challenges of surfski paddling in Sweden and contacted his friend and fellow paddler Erik Wildenstam who was willing to use his ski as an ice breaker...


New US Surfski Website –

Sunday, 25 January 2009 12:17 |

Wesley Echols of Rhode Island, USA announced today the launch of a new US surfski website -  Apart from the stories and info, Wesley has also launched a Getting Started Informational DVD which includes useful information on what to look for and consider when buying a new ski.


Big Wave Surfski - Kalk Bay

Thursday, 25 December 2008 06:55 |

"Meet at Kalk Bay Harbour, 12:30 - huge waves!" So read the text message from Owen Middleton.  An unusual storm swell had entered False Bay and we were going to film some paddlers surfing the resulting waves just outside Kalk Bay Harbour.


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