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3 months 2 weeks ago - 3 months 2 weeks ago #33935 by Geue
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First time post for me here, thought I'd share something,  since I've gained so much info from reading what others have posted here. 

I've been paddling for a few years, starting on some plastic skis (progressing through: Spirit CTR -Fenn Endorfinn- Spirit Racing Ski) to recently stepping into a Fenn Mako 6 (nervous move after reading all the comments about them in this forum!) Ive found it so much more fun, quick, and not too bad stability wise (maybe from months of training on the Spirit (Racing Ski) with my dachshund on my lap!
 Recently my Doc banned me from going in, or on the water for the next few months......was a major drag as I had been training hard for my first race ( Bridge to beach in Sydney harbour), and was staring to get in reasonable shape. 
Not wanting to suffer to much from being out for so long, I decided to look into getting an ergo.  First look at prices scared the goobers out of me, and I immediately decided That if I waned one I'd  have to build it myself. 
After squillions of googleing, a myriad of scribbles,  and many EBay parcels this is what I ended up with: (hope the pictures import! )

Pretty happy with the result,  seems to have a good feel,  and now I  can punch out a session every morning before work, something I couldn't do even when I was allowed out, and hopefully will have some sort of form when I get the green light to paddle again. 

Hope this was of interest to someone. 
Take care out there, and have fun. 

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3 months 2 weeks ago #33936 by Bitemekaos
Replied by Bitemekaos on topic Kayak Ergo
Good effort, I agree that ergo's are a pricey bit of gear for what they are. Good on you for getting off your bum and building yourself what looks like a well made one. Hope your back in the water soon at least it's heading into the cooler months. 

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3 months 2 weeks ago #33937 by SpaceSputnik
Replied by SpaceSputnik on topic Kayak Ergo
That's awesome! I wish I had done that.

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