Paddling efficiency

3 weeks 5 days ago #34962 by Epicpaddler
Let me start by saying I came to surf ski's from a sea kayak background. As soon as a paddled a surfski I was hooked. I love the speed and efficiency of paddling a ski with a wing paddle. Unfortunately, I tore my rotator cuff and haven't been able to paddle for the past month. My orthopedic dr. cleared me to paddle, but suggested I stick with a low angle stroke.

Kind of hard with a wing paddle. So I busted out my greenland paddle. I'm sure the local fisherman thought I was paddling a pontoon from a seaplane with a 2x4, but it was surprisingly efficient. With minimal effort I was able to cruise around around 8k or 5 miles per hour. Nothing close to my race pace, but I burned about as much energy for a 10K paddle as I would drinking a cup of coffee. I  wouldn't/couldn't race like this, but at least I can get out on the water. It's realativley  pain free.

Anyone else mess around with a greenland stick on a surfski?

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3 weeks 5 days ago #34963 by Wingnut
Replied by Wingnut on topic Paddling efficiency
I used a friends GP while he tried my wing paddle recently.  I've used Greenland paddles in the past and did a lot of rolling with them but I'd forgotten how they handle under a high intensity workout, I found it to have lots of bite, solid lock on the water.  They are great paddles.  

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